Healing massage of optional or whole body area for the prevention of sciatica, discopathy, plexitis, radicolitis, spikes and other diseases according to the selected voucher
Bonus: spot face and head massage
Mineral water and coffee
40% discount from the procedures of the Amrita Spa in Malviya Nagar Delhi
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60-minute full body to body massage in delhi + bonus: face and head massage

It works on a particular species (a diseased or tired area) or complex on the whole organism. Reduce pain to treatment depending on the problem. It acts favorably in all diseases of the locomotor system. Relieves fatigue in the muscles and joints, reduces stress. Prevention of sciatica, discopathy, plexitis, radicolitis, spikes, bursitis, tennis, etc. Stimulates blood circulation, relieving the moment of all instant pain and inflammation.

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