10 Apr

Every day massage for 15 minutes: Support for treatment of insomnia, kidney tonic, toxic discharge after 1 month

If you learn about the health care techniques of Oriental medicine, you will not be familiar with the secret of acupressure massage. Here is how foot massage brings about 6 great effects.

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Oriental medicine experts always have a saying that use your fingers before using needles. This is simply to emphasize proactive health care by massaging the body parts by the enormous effects that this simple action brings.

This article introduces you to the main effect of foot massage. According to Oriental medicine research, on our feet there are many acupuncture points, even feet are called "second heart" of the human body.

After foot baths in the evenings, if you continue to massage, massage your feet for 15 minutes, your body will have a lot of surprises you can feel the "miraculous" change in a month later. .

6 best effects if you massage the soles of your feet

1. Improve and improve sleep quality

When massaging massage in the sleep reflections on the soles of the feet will work to make the brain comfortable and relaxed. Regularly doing this not only helps you fall asleep faster, but also improves the quality of sleep.

2. Enhance blood circulation

Legs are parts that are located at the end of the body, if they are often massaged, they can promote blood circulation on the body, the blood flow smoothly and fully, thereby making the face become So rosy, younger and younger.

3. Promote body to eliminate toxins, help reduce fat, slim

Foot massage can enhance the rate of excretion of toxic waste in the body out, improve kidney function, speed up metabolism and metabolism of the body, have weight loss effect.

4. Eliminate total body fatigue

After a day of fatigue due to a lot of work or travel, the feet often fall into the most tired state. Massage on the soles of the feet can promote blood circulation, restore the body, get better communication, and work better after exercising.

5. Preventing diseases arising

If massaging the soles of the feet and paying special attention to the acupuncture points can bring a positive effect on the yin and yang, regulate blood pressure, thereby helping the organ and other organs to be balanced and effective. more proactive disease prevention.

6. Additional kidney benefits

Vented grave on the soles of the feet is a very important acupuncture point, has a great effect on overall health, in particular, this point is considered to be connected to the kidneys.

When a massage is ventilated, it can cause kidneys to become full, cheerful, happy, energetic, firm waist and waist, flexible knees, flexible, strong walking stronger, more durable.

Shaoyin and kidney legs. It is located at the intersection of the anterior part of the midline of the foot, ie when the foot bends to the toe, the previous depression of the foot. Usually Yong quan massage, can make people's essence, full of energy, waist and knees are not soft, strong walking.


Every day before bed, prepare a pot of warm water to soak your feet. After foot baths, continue massage for a period of 10 to 15 minutes.

Keep in mind that this method requires perseverance, must be done daily and regularly to feel clearly the effect, faster effect.

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