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Massage is a sequential metered mechanical irritation applied to the skin of the human body with a biophysical and physiological effect. It touches the body, facilitates its physical improvement, increases the working capacity and contributes to the faster removal of fatigue.

Massages offered at the Sports Center are:

Classic massage - a classic European massage that is used to tone up or relax the body. Through it the products of fatigue spread, the immune system is strengthened, the blood circulation in the skin, the undercoat and the muscles is improved, the activity of the nervous system is improved.

Sports Massage - This massage aims at faster and more complete training for athletes, maintaining and improving this workout, as well as rapid recovery of the body by removing the products of fatigue in the muscles. Massage covers various parts of the body or the whole body, depending on the exercise.

Relaxing massage - By manipulating a part of the body surface, an organ associated with it is affected by the nervous system. They apply to diseases of all organs and systems. They have pronounced spasmolytic, pain-relieving and regulative action.

Anti-cellulite massage of a problem area - removes cellulite knots and shapes the silhouette. The most popular method of treating cellulite is manual massage. It is with its help to ensure the blood supply to the tissues. Newborn blood helps fat burning, brings fresh nutrients and, on the other hand, delivers lymph retardation. In order to have a greater effect on anti-cellulite massage, it is very important to treat the affected areas with quality products. They are either hot or cold, and their purpose is to penetrate well through the epidermis and to affect the fat cell by freeing it from content.

The duration of procedures depends on the age and body weight of the client. If he is middle age with good metabolism and weighs about 50-60 kg, then 15 massages would be enough to bring the figure in good shape for a long time. However, if the client is in adulthood or if there is any disorder that distorts the metabolism, be it a hormonal problem or stress and weighs over 65-70kg, then 10-15 massage will not be enough. In this case, a minimum of 20-25 procedures are required to have a noticeable reduction in the circumference.

Healing massage - kinesitherapy in orthopedic and traumatic diseases - includes the preparation of an individual program of massage prions, rehabilitation techniques and healing exercises, consistent with the disease and the condition of the patient.

Head Massage - Closed eyes. Helps in eye fatigue, headache, sinusitis, runny nose, tinnitus, insomnia and nervous tension. Proper head massage is a true catalyst for good health. The regular relaxing massage of the scalp has a number of hidden dignities - besides healing the hair, it stimulates the muscles responsible for the tone of the head and affects positively the general health. The scalp should be massaged when the hair is dry and the massage agent used should not dissolve to preserve its beneficial properties.

Reflex massage - (feet + feet) Each organ has its projection on the surface of the feet. This type of massage is based on the assumption that diseases are not an episodic manifestation but a disease of the body as a whole. With special massage movements on the feet and legs, it affects the problematic areas of the body.

Massage on the back / leg - partial massage performed in areas of the body where there are problems, depending on the client's desire - back or limbs. In today's lifestyle, most of us spend most of their time sitting in front of the computer - whether in the office or at home. This turns the back massage into one of the most preferred procedures.

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