10 Apr
What is Essential Oil for Body Oil Massage?

The main mass of the fat mass is to dilute the essential oil with the essential oils of 2-3 different types of essential oil and then to spend the right amount of body after the bath. Essential oils massage to detoxify, stimulate, relieve stress and other effects of the body. What is essential oil for body fat massage? How to choose one-sided oils?

Dry skin: caraway seed oil, essential oil of German emerald, essential oils of pachouli, geranium oil, essential oils of olive oil, lavender essential oil, essential oils, benzoin essential oil, sandalwood essential oil, neroli butter '.

Oil skin: Lavender oil, lemon oil, mandarin oil, jasmine oil, olive oil, tea oil, bergamot oil, rosemary oil.

Essential oils include essential oil, peppermint oil, geranium oil, lavender essential oil, essential oil, jasmine essential oil, essential oils, perfumed oil, patchouli essential oil, ylang ylang oil.

Sensitive skin: essential oil of German chamomile, lavender essential oil, geranium oil.

Skin problems (aging): Strawberry seed oil, lavender essential oil, nematom pink essential oil, essential essence essential oil, phosphate essential oil, essential oil, jasmine essential oil.

Essential oils can enter the cells through the massage and then enter the blood vessels and body tissues. The fragrance of essential oils also greatly influences our mood. The aroma of melted oils enters the brain lobes. It is the door to the senses and emotions of man. Through the smell of melted butter, the brain has a pleasant feeling. Aroma easily helps relieve emotional freedom and relieve stress on the body.

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